Therapy and Trauma Service

Longer term therapy for personal DEVELOPMENT AND growth

Who is the Therapy and Trauma Service suitable for?

Whether you are feeling trapped in the same patterns of how you relate to yourself or others, suffer with carer stress or are struggling with deep-seated grief. Or, whether your life is affected by events in your past, trauma, troubling symptoms or coming to terms with a long term health condition like persistent pain or cancer. Working with a professional in a confidential way outside of your immediate context will offer you a different perspective and understanding of your circumstances. The symptoms and challenges we face have the potential to offer gateways into new ways of relating to ourselves and others. If you are willing to take the step into the unknown, I will accompany you on your unique, creative journey of growth and transformation. And witness and guide you with compassion and deep respect for the suffering you may have had to endure. The invitation is to reach a point of a renewed connection with yourself, your capacity to deal more fully with the here and now, and with your onward journey through life. 

What does the Trauma and Therapy Service entail?

Initially we may focus more on the here and now, and then explore where the themes and patterns you have been struggling with may have come from. Often this points towards some part or aspect of us that we needed to disengage from when we were younger. During therapy we may use different ways to bring these patterns and parts of us into conscious awareness. So we can find out what it is that they may need, process the feelings that may not have had a chance to be expressed, and find a new language for what was never spoken about. As I work in a holistic way towards integration, I may draw on a range of models and approaches that I feel will help to support you in your process. We will review regularly and revisit your initial therapy goals. Sometimes different issues and themes come into view as we step further along the path of growth and transformation.


Sessions and Fees

In the initial session, we will explore your circumstances and the terms and conditions of therapy in more detail. 

Once we agree on a time and day, this will be your weekly therapy space. Weekly intervals allow for the therapy process to remain in focus.

All sessions are 50 minutes long.

The session fee is £95.

For more details please also refer to FAQs here.

How to Contact Alice

The best way to see if we can work together is to talk. Please contact me to arrange a free phone consultation, so you can find out more about my therapy service and if I can help you. From here we may arrange a first session in person. 

You can book your phone consultation with me here.