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Hidden Worlds - inner realms

I am very interested in what deeply holds, contains and nourishes us when there is nowhere to go. When we were little, our environment may have been difficult, and we had to find other places and spaces to hide in order to survive. This project is about helping adults abused as children to reconnect with these inner worlds as a source of calming nourishment.  

It is an exploratory project to bring these inner personal realms into conscious awareness, both as an embodied sensory experience as well as an external representation. It is an enquiry into the deeply personal yet collective commonality of our shared human ground of existence and experience. It is where the personal and collective fields meet, and what went unwitnessed, invisible and unspoken comes into contact, vision and dialogue.

I am looking to collaborate with visual artists and musicians to co-create a unique representation for each participant in this project.

I am currently exploring funding, so I can then begin the recruitment of adults who were abused as children and are interested in participating in this project.

If you would like to register your interest in taking part in this project, either as a participant or a collaborator, please email me …