Dr Alice Plummer Biography

Professional qualifications and experience

Alice has been a fully qualified clinical psychologist since 2004, with over 14 years of specialist experience in the NHS. For many years she has worked with adults with trauma, troubling symptoms and long term physical health conditions, such as persistent pain, cancer or renal failure. Many of whom have had difficult experiences growing up.      

As a fully qualified practitioner in eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), Alice offers specialised interventions for trauma, persistent pain and other troubling memories and symptoms. 

Alice has also trained as a psychosynthesis counsellor, and has been working in private practice for a number of years. A psychospiritual perspective is central to all her work, which works with the potential, meaning and purpose of what is trying to emerge beyond any symptomatic labels.  

Her training in Level 1 iREST yoga nidra has further enriched her practice in working with the mind-body connection, and trauma.

Alice was a sick children's nurse before becoming a clinical psychologist, and therefore has a long standing practice of caring for others in a professional and compassionate way.

She is a fully qualified as a Biodanza teacher. Alice has offered Biodanza movement classes in an organisational context for staff health and wellbeing, and is currently offering community classes in Brighton.

Alice has a doctorate in clinical psychology, is chartered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and registered with the Health Professions and Care Council (HCPC). She has a postgraduate diploma in psychosynthesis counselling. As an EMDR practitioner she is accredited by EMDR Europe and a member of the EMDR Association UK & Ireland. Alice adheres to the ethical frameworks, guidelines and standards of the BPS, HCPC and the EMDR Association UK & Ireland to ensure that you receive a professional and quality service.

She is also a member of the Biodanza Association UK, where she has served on the committee.

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